10 Classic Wedding Gifts That All Couples Love


There is a reason why classics are classics – you love them as much as, or more than your grandmother and mother did. Engaged couples these days are able to register their wildest dreams, from a down payment for their first house to swimming in Tahiti with the stingrays, and everything in between. That “everything in between” appears to consist of literally everything you can imagine for your home or individual gifts for bride or groom such as silver gift items for men. So it can be a bit overwhelming to stare at a registry.

Fortunately, there are many classic gift ideas that you really cannot go wrong with, whether or not they are actually on the registry. We mean things that your mum and her mum, as well as her mum’s mum, probably received as gifts when they got married. Your favourite grooms and brides will definitely appreciate these traditional wedding gifts.

High-Quality Pots and Pans

These days, if a couple has lived together before they get married, there is a good chance they have a completely stocked kitchen already. Of course, this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to upgrade it. It is a big deal to graduate from those hand-me-down pots and pans that your mother gave you when you first left home, and after all, a wedding is an ideal excuse for getting a fancier new set of Le Creuset or copper cookware (and that is the type of thing that can be difficult to justify purchasing for yourself when the set you have is outdated but still perfectly good).

Classic Barware

Realistically, nobody uses stainless steel cocktail strainers and shakers, or crystal decanters or complex corkscrews all that often. However, this is precisely why they make such great gifts. Having a completely stocked bar cart screams “adult”, and those types of gifts can last forever – meaning that your future bride and groom will still be using the Waterford carafe you gave them when they are celebrating their 25th or silver anniversary.


Giving newlyweds the good stuff to keep them toasting their marriage after the wedding is over. There is the classic gift of an expensive Veuve bottle that a couple can drink on their first anniversary or honeymoon, or purchasing bar cart staples such as a good scotch or whiskey. Here is an even more creative idea: give them a case of wine that has tags on every bottle telling them which milestone they are to drink to (first baby, first fight, first dinner party, etc.)

Fancy Appliances

Appliances might not sound like a very sexy gift. However, a majority of couples don’t want to spend their own money on a new high-tech vacuum and such when they have to foot the bill for their wedding. However, you can bet they will appreciate a new Dyson versus that old vacuum they bought on Black Friday or a new KitchenAid that replaces that old tatty mixer. (Generally speaking, cooking appliances have a tendency to still be among the most popular wedding gifts.)

Good Linens

It isn’t a big deal to sleep on 200-thread count sheets that you bought at a cheap store, but if you have the opportunity to sleep on Egyptian cotton 800-thread count sheets, then why not? Nothing is more luxurious than sliding in between soft silky sheets, and there is no better way for a newlywed couple to have the chance to try this out for the very first time now that they are finally sharing a marital bed.

Nice Luggage

Having fancy luggage is a real splurge, and it is something that not too many people think about until they are stuck in an airport or hotel having to deal with a broken zipper or have an overstuffed bag. However, gifting a couple with last-forever, chic suitcases will give them the type of travel high that they can ride long after their honeymoon over. (Bonus points if you add passport holders that have their new initial or monogrammed luggage tags.)

Beautiful Picture Frames

So what emerges from a wedding, other than a hangover and the new lawfully wedded wife and husband? Tons of photos. A majority of grooms and brides will shell out big money for a great wedding photographer and their photo book. Therefore, you really cannot go wrong by giving them a fabulous way to display their beautiful photos from their special day. If you would like to take things a step further, engrave the frame with something significant like their wedding date.

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