3 Tips for Choosing Summer Fabrics


The summer season is around the corner and most people have started revamping their wardrobes. It’s the favorite time for vacations as the temperature will keep soaring. Comfortable clothing is often prioritized during this period and it’s quite possible to remain trendy whether you want to achieve a formal or casual look. Without wasting time, here are some of the ways to select the best fabrics for summer.

1. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics

A great number of these types of fabrics are made from natural fibers. They don’t trap heat air or moisture. This makes it easier for them to dry quickly than synthetic fabrics and promote air circulation in the body. On the other hand, heavy fabrics tend to repel water, retain heat and will stick to the skin when worn in hot seasons. They can even result in skin irritations if care isn’t taken. In case you want to wear synthetic fabrics, choose blends that are designed for summer. It should be noted that not all lightweight fabrics are breathable.

· Cotton

Cotton is one of the favorite summer fabrics, although it can be worn in other seasons. It’s a soft and breathable fabric that offers comfort to the wearer. However, one of its downsides is that it tends to wrinkle easily. Consider wearing other versions of cotton that doesn’t require ironing. For instance, you can pair a seersucker jacket with the right accessories to achieve a modern look. The good thing is that it’s easy to maintain. Chambray is another type of cotton that is breathable and looks like denim.

· Linen

Linen is another natural fiber that is breathable. It is more durable but needs ironing just like cotton. More so, it conducts heat easily and rarely sticks to the body as it absorbs perspiration.

· Rayon 

Rayon is made from synthetic fiber and can come in handy when you’re traveling. It shares some similarities with cotton and it’s a bit wrinkle resistant. Another thing is that it absorbs moisture and evaporate within a short period of time.

2. Buy bright colored fabrics

Summer season is usually colorful. Matching light colored clothes properly can even help you to make a fashion statement each time you step out. Some of the colors that work best include white, light blue, yellow and pink. They don’t generate high thermal energy once they are exposed to the sun or absorb heat like dark colored fabrics. This ensures that your body will remain cool whether you’re at the beach, a party, at work or even in the comfort of your home.

3. Check the lining

The lining of breathable and lightweight fabrics really matters. Natural fabrics should be designed so that it will retain most of its properties. Silk, polyester or satin linings on jackets or skirts are not ideal. This is because they won’t allow air to escape. Choose clothes with half lining or no lining at all in order to remain comfortable throughout the day and keep any unpleasant odor at bay.

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