5 Essential Fashion Items Every Minimalist Should Have


If you want to hop onto the minimalist fashion bandwagon, investing in wardrobe essentials is a great way to start afresh. If you’re not sure where to start, this article offers five of the best and most essential fashion items you’ll need, which won’t break the bank.

1.    Little Black Dress

Little black dress (or LBD as it’s known in the fashion world) is the essential clothing item anyone looking to become a minimalist in style should have. The LBD is loved because of its classic nature and ability to be transformed repeatedly; talk about sustainable fashion.

The best part about the LBD is that it’s a staple in more fashion stores regardless of the season. For example, a quick online search for “plus size dresses UK” will deliver a plethora of choices within your style and price range.

You can transform your little black dress by constantly adding new accessories and jewelry every now and then. Another way to style this dress is by making it into a shirt or styling it over a white pussy bow blouse for a more informal look.

2.     The Quintessential Coat

The classic trench coat is another ideal staple for a minimalist’s wardrobe, as it promises to never go out of style. It’s also a flattering coat that’s well structured and will never fail to smarten your look. The best part is that this coat can be worn with anything from joggers to a cute dinner dress. To make the most out of your coat, invest in one that has been constructed from a quality and durable fabric.

Choose coats made with wool or cashmere for the winter, while the trusty cotton trench coat is great for the spring season. Also, be sure to choose a monochromatic shade or neutral hue to enable you to mix and match it with any color or pattern of your choice.

3.    The White Shirt

A white shirt is one of the most understated fashion items anyone can own. It’s a firm wardrobe essential, designed in many forms for all body types and preferences. When wearing your shirt under sweaters, you can opt for a relaxed fit with crew neck iterations. To flatter your body and retain your shape, opt for a more fitted silhouette, with a short made from a good amount of elastane. White shirts can be found anywhere from designer shops to economical, ready-to-wear fashion outlets for a few dollars or pounds.

4.    The Shirtdress

The everyday shirt dress is another great way to elevate your style and enhance your feminine details. You can style this dress in many ways, from adding a bow-tied belt to tiered hemlines and many more. Again, when choosing your shirtdress, opt for monochromatic colors but varying styles to add a little variety to your wardrobe.

5.    Accessories

Apart from clothes, your accessories and jewelry help you add some finishing touches to your overall style. For a more minimalist look, opt for chic gold rings, pendants, or sculptural liquid-like earrings. The more artistic your accessories are, the chicer you look.

According to countless fashion stylists, every closet deserves essential clothing pieces that serve as building blocks to your whole ensemble. These wardrobe essentials are pieces that’ll help streamline your style while simplifying your dressing process.

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