5 Most Appealing Hairstyles for Today’s Undercut Women


When it comes to trendy and attention seeking hairstyles, undercut styles tops the list. This style is very much in trend now. The woman who sport this trend are not alone. There are many celebrities who have chopped their hair this way and gained numerous compliments. Celebrities like Kesha, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Sheridan Smith, Scarlett Johannsson, Ellie Goulding, and many more have successfully played undercut women in their reel and real life many times. Whether you want an inspiration or simply want an undercut style, you can try these 5 undercut styles which are especially suitable for bold women or better say, today’s women.

1.      Side Undercut + Rainbow Hair

If bold cut is what you are already rocking, a bold color will also be rocked by you. Right now, women are crazy about colored hair and when undercut style will be combined with it, rest assured that you will be sporting the latest trend. Going a bit crazy with the colors you like is the thing needed for this style. You can try different shades and wash-out/wash-in colors and get the look you want to.


2.      Star Undercut

If you want to be one of those undercut women but scared to do it for first time, go for something very small which can be easily hidden. When you are not sure, you can hide it or adapt a new look. You can get the first one small and if you like you can move beyond this one.  If you are going for some dramatic look like this, you can surely take baby steps.

3.      Shaved Side + Faux Locs

In this style, there are two looks combined together – shaved side and faux locs. This look can be easily spotted on Instagram. Just consider your personality – this style can be worn in various ways and also, there are many designs with which you can achieve this amazing look.

4.      Undercut + Messy Bun

Before going out to salon, make sure that you have picked some photos for reference and when your hairstylist asks for the style you want, you can show those pics. Remember that if you take a single photo with you, your stylist will have one reference and when you take multiple photos with you, you can choose something from one and something else from other and come up with something unique and perfect. It won’t be similar to the photos you took for reference, but the result will be much better because it will be tailored according and for you.


5.      Edgy Mermaid

Right now, the style very much in trend is mermaid hair. In this style, the shades of green, black, and blue work flawlessly with edgy undercut styles. This look will give you a completely different appeal. If you no longer wish to change only the color of your hair, then do not hesitate to combine the color along with the cut and your new look will be simply outstanding.

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