5 Reasons to consider laser hair removal


Laser hair removal has become a popular treatment for permanently removing unwanted hair on any body part. Compared to other hair removal methods that can cause irritation, pain, and ingrown hairs, laser removal is quick and requires minimal effort from you. If you’ve tried shaving, waxing, and threading and still aren’t happy, it’s worth considering this treatment.

But what exactly is laser hair removal?

A certified technician will use a powerful laser light on the area of unwanted hair, for example, your upper lip. The pulses of light destroy the hair follicle right at the root, which prevents it from growing back. Many people compare the sensation to an elastic band snapping against the skin. The treatment is so quick (around 20 minutes) that it’s easy to endure. Each person requires multiple treatments, which take place around every four weeks. After treatment, hair growth will be entirely prevented or significantly reduced.

Still trying to figure it out? Here are five benefits of laser hair removal.

1. It’s quick

Each treatment session takes around 20 minutes, although a smaller area like your upper lip can be done in about one minute. This is not long at all, considering the result will be a lifetime of not having to shave again!

Amazingly, while you need a few treatments to experience the maximum benefits, you will see results from the very first session. Your hair growth will slow down and become significantly lighter and finer, eventually falling out.

2. You’ll save money

The cost of regular waxing or buying razors adds up throughout a lifetime. Although treatment is initially costly, you will save yourself money in the long run. Many beauty salons offer a payment plan, too, meaning you can manage the cost of this treatment over months.

3. It’s less painful than waxing

Unfortunately, any form of hair removal comes with some element of discomfort. Still, compared to other methods, laser hair removal is highly manageable. Depending on your pain threshold, you might find the treatment slightly uncomfortable, but most people can endure it. You can apply numbing cream to the area you’re having treated if you’re concerned about pain.

After a session, your skin may feel a little sore or look red. Don’t worry; this is normal, and at salons like laser care clinic Holywood you will be advised on how to care for the area during your treatments. This might include applying a cool compress, moisturizing the area with aloe Vera or lotion, and wearing suncream daily.

4. It stops ingrown hairs

One of the best benefits of this treatment because we all know how annoying ingrown hairs are. Destroying the hair at the root makes it impossible to experience ingrown hairs or painful regrowth. You can experience smooth, hair-free skin every day with laser hair removal.

5. It’s incredibly precise

Due to the nature of the equipment and treatment, the procedure is very exact. This means that the skin around the hair follicle won’t be damaged, which can sometimes happen during waxing if the skin is caught and ripped off with the hairs.

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