5 things to do before a DIY bikini wax


Want a fuzz-free Southern zone? You will need to do a bikini wax – and you can do it at home, with the right tools at your disposal.

Being hair-free is a constant battle for most women. Hair that is removed from any part of the body has a way of showing up a few days later. While most women are content with waxing just their limbs and underarms, others want a fuzz-free bikini area as well.

Many women feel that only a beautician can remove hair from the bikini zone. But you can easily give yourself a bikini line wax – just get a box of Veet cold wax strips for your skin type and follow these 5 steps for a quick and easy DIY bikini wax at home:

1 Check the hair length. This is a little tricky: the hair should not be very tiny, nor should it be very long. The right length is about ¼ inch. Shorter hair does not stick to the wax properly, though Veet cold wax strips can remove hair as small as 2 mm. But you might need to go over the same patch of skin again and again to remove all hair, which can become painful. If the hair is too long, trim it to the right length before you decide to do the bikini wax.

2 Exfoliate and numb. Many women overlook this step, and it can make all the difference between a painful bikini wax and a relatively easier one. You can get a smooth bikini line when you exfoliate the skin with a mild scrub the night before. This step ensures that the skin becomes clean and the hair becomes softer – this helps the wax strip adhere to the hair properly. About five minutes before waxing, apply an ice pack to the area to be waxed to numb it. Numbed skin hurts less during a bikini wax.

3 Apply the wax strip properly. Take a cold wax strip from the pack and cut it to a smaller size if you need only a little patch. Apply the wax strip on the hair and press it firmly into place to ensure equal adherence. Now grip the pull tab and pull the strip off in one quick motion against the direction of hair growth. You can use the same Veet cold wax strip about two more times before taking a fresh one.

4 Wash and soothe. Once you finish the bikini wax, wash the skin with cold water and apply a soothing moisturising cream to the waxed skin. Veet wax strips are fortified with replenishing oils, but you can still apply your preferred moisturiser to soothe the redness and tingling sensation.

5 Go commando for a day. The bikini zone skin is quite delicate and waxing it can irritate it a little. The redness and soreness may take a while to disappear. In the meantime, wear loose cotton pants or shorts that don’t cling to the skin, and ditch underwear for a day.


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