6 Careers in the Beauty Industry to Consider


With an estimated population of almost 2 million, Essex is promising to various businesses because of its large market, including the beauty field. If you have an interest in beauty-related things or in beautifying people, there are different careers that you may consider within this industry. Some may require extensive training, while others only need a few days on a course to complete.

Makeup artist

Some makeup artists don’t have formal training. They have a natural interest in makeup application, and they developed it by continuous practice and through tutorials that they found on the web and in books. However, it’s best to get formal training to learn the techniques and new trends in the field. There are short courses and certifications that you can enrol in. Attend training and seminars too to update your knowledge and skills since the beauty industry is continuously evolving. You can work in salons and also do freelance work.

Hairstylist and colourist

Another salon option to consider is a hairstylist and colourist. There are no specific requirements for how to become a hairdresser. Some learn in the actual field by working as an assistant in a salon and gaining experience as they work. However, there are vocational courses that you can take to get proper training in this area. It is recommended, to have a better chance of getting a job or booking an appointment with clients if you are directly offering your services. You also need to keep on attending workshops to keep up with what’s new and remain competitive.


A barber also works in cutting and styling hair, but this job is focused on boys or men. You may also offer shaving and massage. Again, there are short courses that you can take to know the technicalities, although it can also be learned through experience by working in a barbershop.

Nail professional

An increasing number of people are getting nail services, especially now that there are various options to beautify the nails, including sculpting and nail art. Some start this as a hobby, which they then, later on, turn into a career. You can work in a beauty salon, spa, or offer freelance services as a nail technician. To provide professional service, enrol in a course or training that will give you the skills to do the job. Once you are in the field, continue to upgrade your qualifications by enrolling in the next level courses.

Botox specialist

Science has found ways to delay the signs of ageing, including wrinkles and sagging skin. Botox is one of these options. A Botox course in Essex will give you working knowledge on how to efficiently do the work. You will be taught the basics, and then you can apply what you learned right away.

Beauty therapist

A beauty therapist covers a wide range of services, including face and body treatments, and massage. You may specialise in one area, or you can get extensive training to become equipped to do all services and become more competitive.

Aside from the skills, knowledge, and training, you must also have social skills to succeed in the beauty industry. You will be giving your service directly to the clients on a personal level so you must make a connection with them.

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