A Guide to a Show-stopping Table This Christmas


Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get your nearest and dearest together, and dining on a delicious Christmas dinner is always the main event. While your roasted turkey or your veggie or vegan mains might be the jewel in your festive menu’s crown, remember that it isn’t just the quality of the food you serve that will make an impression. If you want to wow your guests this year, consider paying closer attention to the way you dress your table to highlight the Christmas spirit and create the right atmosphere. Below are some quick tips on how you can put together a show-stopping festive table this year.

Rich Color Schemes

Whites, silvers, and gold will all look wonderful on Christmas dinner tables, and these lighter tones might work better in smaller dining rooms. However, deeper, richer colors could help make your table look more opulent and inviting, as well as fit in with traditional Christmas colors. Reds, gold again, deep purples, navy, or midnight blues can all look marvelous, and these darker colors for your table linens will also hide any food stains that might appear!

Make a Centerpiece

You might also want to think about purchasing or creating a centerpiece for your table to make a statement when your guests sit down for dinner. Do be mindful that it isn’t so large your guests can’t see or talk to one another across the table, but make it pretty and fit in with the general décor themes you have chosen this year. Frosted fruits like lemons, cherries, oranges, etc., can look beautiful in a glass vase or bowl. You might prefer to use traditional pine cones and wreaths or garlands instead, as some examples.

Invest in Quality Dinnerware

If you want your table to look stylish and sophisticated, having some beautiful dinnerware on display is a must. If you don’t already have a set of dinner plates stored away for special occasions, think about treating yourself to some during the sale season. You might also want to consider purchasing special cutlery, like these David Mellor silver cutlery pieces to complement your plates and crystal glassware.

Candles and Candle Holders

Another thing that adds to the ambiance of a dinner party is the lighting, so do keep this in mind when you are planning your table décor. Candlelight is ideal at this time of year, with soft lighting from lamps illuminating the rest of the room. Find some pretty candle holders that you can place on the table. Tealights will be ideal as they are small and won’t get in the way when people are eating. However, if you have space on your dining table, pillar or taper candles could work just as nicely.

Napkins and Christmas Crackers

If you want your table to look elegant this Christmas, consider getting cloth napkins that you can wash and reuse. If this won’t be suitable or isn’t in your budget, then choose stylish, festive paper napkins from your local store to complete the look. Finally, no Christmas dinner would be the same without Christmas crackers, so remember to stock up on these, too!

If you want to wow your guests over your Christmas dinner this year, pay attention to detail when it comes to dressing your dining room table for the occasion.

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