A Ladies Guide On What To Wear When Going To See An Orchestral Concert


If you were to ask the majority of women what they considered to be appropriate attire when going to see the opera, most would give the very stereotypical answer of a black dress, pearls, gloves, and a pair of those handheld gold glasses, which are called opera glasses!

But what about when it comes to going to see a Symphony Orchestra perform? No one wants to feel out of place, yet women who are new to this experience will want to know what they can wear that will be acceptable. If you don’t want to be underdressed or need a simple guideline, then read on for some simple tips on what you can wear to an orchestral concert and not look out of place.


Whether you were going to see the London Philharmonic or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for an evening performance, you cannot go wrong with a dress. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be floor-length and made of silk! Dresses of all lengths are acceptable, and generally speaking, you can even extend this look to incorporate a simple or statement necklace and heels. Darker colors are usually preferred when wearing a dress to an evening Symphony performance, but there are no hard and fast rules.


Suppose you are attending a gala, a fundraiser, or a special event that is revolved around an orchestral concert. It may not go down very well to wear a short or mini skirt. Fitted skirts or pencil skirts are acceptable, as are wiggle skirts. These are usually worn with heels and can be accompanied by a belt. Very classy and simple!


You can’t go wrong when wearing a blouse to a classy event, and if you’re seeing an orchestral performance in the late afternoon or the evening, a blouse will allow you to feel a bit more comfortable than if you were wearing a low-cut dress. Once again, it may be worth considering the type of event that you are attending. If it is a general concert, a short-sleeved blouse is acceptable, ladies. If you want to appear higher end at a gala, then you may want to potentially wear pair this blouse with a blazer on top or opt for a long-sleeved blouse instead.


If you were wearing a little black dress, it’s unlikely that you were going to be wearing sneakers or high tops. But generally speaking, heeled shoes and flats such as ballerina pumps are acceptable when attending a higher-end concert. Just make sure you can walk in them to prevent injuries!


Yes, the majority of women wear jeans in their day-to-day life. But this is a big no-no when you are attending even a simple evening orchestral concert. If you want to wear trousers, then opt for ones that she would wear in an office setting, such as fitted black, blue or grey ones. Ensure that they are not too baggy, and if you pair them with a snazzy belt, you will look striking.

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