A perfect start to an excellent journey


Summarising the life one lives, having money, name, and fame is of utmost importance, but life revolves around three Ls: Live, Laugh, and love. Living life with all your heart, laughing the heart out and loving from the depth of the heart is the necessity. Love brewed with emotions, nostalgia, feelings, and excitement makes this short life even worthwhile. Having butterflies seeing the Prince charming or fumbling while talking to your angel, nervousness at its extreme, the ring burning a hole in your pocket, but how to start? The best way to proceed is again with the heart that is putting your heart out, basically to express before impressing.

Expressing the love:-

When it comes to expressing the feeling of heart, even the most extroverted person becomes a shy, introverted guy. At least that one thinks because when it is about a life-changing step, one thinks twice. But, one who has not been there doing not know that when telling a once-in-a-lifetime speech for the most special person for whom one has fallen heads over heels, one tries to be a maximalist. Being a maximalist, we ensure that from the decor to the entire tour needs to be amazing, but amidst this lies the doubt, what is a perfect proposal speech:-

  1. The shorter, the sweeter- When one is proposing and talking the heart out, nervousness takes over and fumbling is obvious. In that state, wasting time trying to read an entire essay is in vain because the proposal speech should be short and cute. The short speech seems soothing and pleasant, and a more romantic setup and fewer words but beautifully and meaningfully expressed wins the heart.
  2. Practice makes a man perfect:- Practicing in front of a mirror makes your words worth listening not because you are flawless but because you are confidently flawed to make it seem straight from the heart. One may be a poor player kind but cracking a century in the final over is important. Similarly, being all you, confident and vibrant on the D-day is also the right star. Hence, kick start your preparation right from today.
  3. Maybe you are one of those introvert types who like to keep things to yourself, but this does not work here. If you have made the mind, kick start your preparation just by being the person you are, not being afraid to express your emotions and being confident enough.
  4. Prior revision- On the spot, the spontaneous proposal seems very romantic and filmy but is practically impossible and impulsive. Even in films, they rehearse. So, one should be well prepared and well-versed and seem like A1 since day1. Being natural while delivering the speech and adding a sense of humour is welcoming, but one should be well aware of what to say and what not to avoid risks.

Proposing for Marriage:-

After delivering the speech, one needs to wait for their response and tell what suits them. If it is a yes, then it is a win-win situation. But, one needs to be slightly careful while making marriage proposals.

  • Expressing love and asking for marriage seems similar but involves a huge step ahead of spending the entire life with someone. Therefore the proposal should be honest rather than stylish. We often think romantic lines and filmy dialogues would impress them, but more important is to confess personal feelings. Filmy is something anyone can do. For choosing a life partner, something more than mushy love, things are needed, like the honesty, the love, and making her feel special by giving a personal twist to the filmy dialogues.
  • If confused as to what to do, then one can also hire a luxury proposal expert.


If you have decided to woo them, then don’t back off. Go ahead, follow your heart, use some tips and marriage proposal guides and change your status to happily ever after because we know where there is a will, there is a way.

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