Benefits of using vests


People often overlook the benefits of vests when looking for an activity in cold temperature as it can take place of your light to mid-weight jackets in many conditions without sacrificing the aspect of providing warmth

Protects your core

Vests have the capability of providing warmth to an extent which most people don’t even realise but how is it possible? When the temperature at the core starts to drop, the body reduces blood flow in areas of extremities, sending all the blood flow to the core to protect the organs. If your core is well-insulated blood flow remains constant even in the extremities, keeping it warmer. Hence even a long sleeve shirt with a vest can help you remain warm and active.

The versatility of the vest

Vests not only fulfills the function of keeping the core insulated or arms free from bulky jackets but gives you the freedom of having a free or full range of motion for example- while playing, running etc. we often get in a fix when we experience mild temperatures as the jacket is too warm but it is still cold to wear just one layer,  vests come into play in such a situation solving both the problems.

When does a vest work best?

Men’s Vests work great in mild temperature or in times of activity in cold temperature. While if your activity is not that vigorous it will act as a great mid-layer avoiding puffy jackets maintaining your style along with keeping your core warm.

How to choose your vest?

How heavy or insulated your vest is should be your first consideration seeing your activity level in the day. Your second consideration should be towards the material of the vest, especially the outer shell. For example- white fleece is considered to be great for its weight or breathability along with cotton. By choosing the right vest complimenting with your daily activities you will be surprised to see its versatility and comfort.

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