Choosing the Right Type of Silk Beddings for Your Bedroom


We all want to experience the best sleep of our life, especially when we’re tired and stressed out at work. Our bedroom becomes our safe haven, which offers comfort and freedom when we get home from work. That’s why we must choose the best beddings to improve the overall quality of our sleep. And it’s one of the most important human needs that we must treasure, just like how we put importance on eating and drinking. Thankfully, we can easily elevate the level of our comfort through the beddings we use, such as silk sheets.

Beddings are one common factor you must not underestimate. Just because these are only bed coverings, doesn’t mean they’re not important. In reality, they will affect your sleep. It has a profound effect, which you must not forget. That’s why when it comes to a maximum level of comfort, silk bed sheets are the ultimate choice. No one can deny that these are a great option for those who are looking to experience amazing sleep every night. So how do you choose your silk sheet beddings? Let’s find out here.

Know the Weight You Want

Whenever you choose silk bed sheets, you must refer to the weight of the beddings. It’s called momme (mm), and it’s pronounced “mummy.” It’s a kind of Japanese measurement that refers to how much a standard piece of silk should weigh. So the higher the momme weight, the thicker and heavier the silk fabric. The most widely-used momme weight is 19-mm if you’re looking for the optimum balance between affordability, strength, and sheen. Naturally, thicker silk with higher momme will cost more.

Know What Type of Silk Fabric You Prefer

Silk comes in different types, and you should know what type of silk you want your silk beddings to be made of. If you have the money or the budget, then the Mulberry silk is the most expensive choice. These are made out of a specific silkworm, which only eats Mulberry leaves. Therefore their silk is more durable and soft, so they cost more. Next is the Charmeuse silk, which is made out of cultivated silkworms. They are the most common type of silk, which is made into clothing to beddings. There’s also Ethical silk or Peace silk, which are made without killing the silkworm.

There are many other types of silk you can choose from. But when it comes to the high level of comfort, then the most expensive is the right choice. Don’t worry because silk is long-lasting, so your money isn’t being thrown away and it’s an amazing investment.

Mix & Match Your Silk Bed Sheets

Upon choosing the color of your bedsheets, remember that these have a shiny finish to them. So the color you want may not appear as you have imagined it to be. And silk comes in many different colors, so make sure to accessorize and choose what’s best according to the color of your room and other main elements that surrounds your bed. Natural and artificial light will reflect differently when you shine it upon the sheets. So take into account how you may want it to look like when you turn on the lights versus natural lighting.

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