Colored Hair Care Routine in 5 easy Steps


It is a lot of fun to change the color of your hair but later they start to require exceptional care. If noticed on time, colored hair can stay healthy and even maintain vibrant color longer. We care about healthy hair appearance as much as we care about you so we prepared a guide that will care for colored hair in simply 5 steps.

Step 1. Correct Shampooing

The way you wash your hair can greatly influence the condition of your strands. After coloring hair it takes up to 72 hours for a cuticle to fully close and lock in a color, so it would be best to wait a few days before shampooing. In general, try to wash less frequently if possible, to keep hair healthy. When it is finally time to shampoo, use only a color-safe shampoo to maintain vibrant color longer. Try T-LAB Colour Protect Shampoo that is suitable for reconstruction and colour lock of dyed and toned hair. Look at what our clients have to say about it: “I will recommend this product to everyone I meet who uses color in their hair. Not only does it make my hair feel silky smooth, it brightens my months overdue highlights and keeps my blonde strands from going brassy” – Eivile. When rinsing out a shampoo, turn down the heat. Cool water will keep cuticles closed therefore leaving a color in strands for a longer period.

Step 2. Generous Conditioning

When color treating your hair, they can become dry, dull and frizzy. This is a sign that strands lack a lot of moisture and that is unavoidable. Generously conditioning your hair can be one of the best tactics to keep hair healthy and prevent any damage. We highly recommend using T-LAB Colour Protect Conditioner that will lock in that color for longer and reconstruct already damaged hair using the power of a unique natural complex.

Step 3. Caring Leave-in Treatment

If this step is not yet a part of your weekly routine it has to become one. As colored hair extremely lacks moisture it is necessary to provide locks with additional moisturizing treatment. This will coat your hair with a protective layer and prevent them from any environmental damage. Anything fits for this step of routine from color protecting leave-in conditioner, to oils, to sprays. We recommend trying T-LAB Colour Protect BI-Phase Spray that restores the structure of the tissue, acts as a powerful antioxidant, keeps colour saturated longer and strengthens the intercellular cement of the hair.

Step 4. Careful Styling

We of course recommend trying styling techniques that are heat-free. But if you cannot resist using hot tools, make sure to use decent  heat protection that will not only protect the strands while styling but also moisturize them later and will keep hair safe from environmental damage. T-LAB Frizz Control Serum Deluxe is a great product to use before styling it deeply nourishes and repairs the hair’s structure without weighing it down while also protecting it from any environmental influences. If you choose to use a blow dryer, turn on a heat on a lowest setting or choose a cold air option. Keep the blow dryer at least 15 centimeter away from strands and go along the cuticle not against it.

Step 5. Healthy Habits

If you are striving to have strong, healthy hair with a vibrant color you need to start developing a hair care routine that will enhance hair condition. First positive habit could be getting regular trims every  2 months or more frequently if needed. This will prevent your hair from thinning and splitting. Another trick is to space out the coloring treatments as much as possible, get healing treatments at a hairdresser instead. Finally, avoid chlorine which is mostly found in swimming pool water, so protect your strands with conditioner before taking a swim or wear a swim cap while in a pool to keep hair dry.

Follow these 5 steps to keep colored hair vibrant and healthy looking. Feel free to add any additional steps to your routine that helps you to maintain beautiful locks. You will notice that after developing a specialized routine, colored hair can be shiny, manageable and healthy. Share with us what tricks work for your colored hair @tlabprof_official, let’s stay connected!

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