During a Full-Body Massage, Would I Be Required to Remove My Clothes?


Most spa treatments like at https://smileanma.com, don’t need you to remove your bathing suit or underwear. Wear knickers if you’re getting a back massage. Reiki and shiatsu, for example, are treatments that are performed while you are still wearing your clothing. If you’re unsure about what to anticipate, be sure to inquire at the time of booking your treatment or spa day.

Massages that cover the whole body

You have the option of keeping your trousers on or going fully undressed for a full-body massage. You’ll never have to reveal anything you don’t want to during a massage since most therapists are quite good at respecting your modesty and making you feel at ease. While getting ready, your therapist will offer you a towel and explain how much clothing you should remove. Then they will leave the room while you finish getting ready. After a few minutes, she’ll return to do the therapy by knocking again. After that, she solely reveals what she’s currently working on.

Is an “all body” massage really an “all body” massage?

Your delicate regions do not have to be included in a full-body massage. You have the option to choose which sections of your body are off-limits. For the most part, a full-body massage covers everything from your shoulders to your neck and buttocks. Massage is often reserved for the region surrounding the breasts, not the actual breasts. Whatever part of your body is touched, you can always claim you don’t like it. It’s always best to start with a basic massage to make sure you’re comfortable being handled in those places. In the event that all goes according to plan, you will be able to schedule another full-body massage.

In spite of the fact that you’ve had a full-body massage, the majority of your body is still covered. During a massage, the therapist may untie your arm and shoulder or reveal your leg so she may work her magic. As soon as she requires you to flip over, she’ll use the towel as a privacy screen while she does it. Not difficult if you know how to do it!

Swedish massages, aromatherapy massages, Thai massages, and deep tissue massages are just a few of the many options available to help you relax and decrease stress. Do not worry about whether or not your massage therapist is paying attention to your needs. Massage therapists may provide you with a pair of extremely glam paper underpants to wear during some of the messier treatments, such as exfoliation and wraps. However, even if you have these procedures, you will be covered for the most part. As a follow-up, get into the shower toweled off to remove the items from your body yourself once they’ve dried. If you can’t bear the thought of getting completely undressed but still want to be pampered, try an essential oil-infused head massage or some relaxing reflexology to target those tense pressure points.

What are my options if I specifically want a female masseuse?

Most spas like at 강남안마will inquire about a woman’s preferences about her therapist before beginning treatment. If you prefer to be massaged by a woman, let the spa know when you make your reservation. There are usually enough therapists in spas to accommodate changing rotas and ensure that you get the services you choose.

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