Fashion on a Tight Budget


Most people think models live a glamorous life, jetsetting around the world on a superstar’s wage. The truth of the matter is that models work long, grueling hours, and the cash flow can be tight until you’re established in the industry. If you’re new to the world of modeling you may be worried that your wardrobe isn’t up to the standards of a top agency, so here are some tips to help you along the way!

When you’re shopping, resist buying the latest fashion trends. While it’s great to have the most up to date styles, it’s much more practical to choose classic styles that won’t quickly become outdated.

Look for deals. When you find the perfect outfit, look for discounts and coupons before you buy. Online sites such as Groupon have discounts from thousands of top stores, and you can get hefty savings on everything from shoes to clothes to games.

Comparison shop. Note the brand, style, and color of the item you want and do a quick search to see what other stores carry the same item. Usually you’ll be able to save money by finding the merchant with the lowest price!

Find a fashion buddy. Check with your closest friends and find one who shares the same sizes ad fashion taste as you. By shopping together and sharing your finds you can both enjoy a doubled wardrobe!

Resist buying at first sight. Impulse buying is just that: acting on impulse without thinking it through. A great way to shop is by season: check out the new styles as soon as they hit the stores and note what you’d like to buy in each store. Then wait a couple of months until the fashion season changes and you’ll be able to buy your choices at a discounted price. For example, summer clothes hit the racks in spring, and by July the stores are marking them down. You can still wear them for half the summer, and only pay half the price!

By using your common sense and your fashion savvy, you can easily extend your wardrobe without paying a fortune.


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