Five Classic Ways to Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room


We all love to relax in our living room, but no one wants their space to be boring. It is easier than you think to add a feature that will make your room stand out whilst keeping it traditional. Here are five ways you can create a focal point that will catch your guests’ attention.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

A statement mirror is a timeless accessory in any living room and is a simple way of drawing the eye. Don’t be shy with size – a large mirror is a great focal point and can also make a dark room appear larger and brighter by reflecting the light.

Burn Baby Burn

There is nothing more captivating to watch than a fire, especially on a cold winter’s evening. Woodburning stoves are still popular but antique fireplaces are another way to add an eye-catching feature to any room. Whether you opt for classic cast iron or add pattern and colour with a tiled nouveau piece, you can transform a room just by changing your fireplace.

Bring the Outside Inside

Your room may stop at the window but the view outside is as much a part of your living space as what it is inside. Create a bright, colourful scene outside your window by making your garden more attractive with plants, flowers, and lighting. If you have bi-fold or patio doors, your garden is an extension of your house and effectively an extra room, so adding garden furniture can help the space flow as well as creating a larger living area. Perfect for summer barbeques!

Any view can be improved with clever strategies but if you are still under impressed why not consider adding shutters or blinds? It is up to you whether you choose to make them blend in or stand out!

Let There Be Light

Light fixtures can be overlooked as a practical item, but bold statement pieces are a fantastic way to add a focal point to your living space. From crystal chandeliers to industrial chrome shades your lighting choice can be a conversation starter. Don’t limit yourself to ceiling lights either, stringing up fairy lights can soften an otherwise dark space and candles will never go out of fashion. Make a display by grouping pillar candles of different heights together or choose ornate candlesticks for either end of the mantelpiece with sophisticated tapered candles. The bigger the better to create an impact.

Stick ‘Em Up

Creating a feature wall can completely change the tone of your living room. Adding bold animal prints, regency damask or large floral designs will draw the eye to that wall and immediately update a room. With a muted colour scheme elsewhere, this is also an easy way for the fickler homeowner to change up their style regularly – the rest of the room can remain unchanged, and the wallpaper can be updated as often as required. Voila! A new room!

However you decide to create a focal point in your living space, make sure it reflects your style and personality. Your house will more feel more homely as a result.

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