How to Accessorise with Jewellery for Men


In 2022, there are tonnes of reasons for men to wear jewellery. It looks fashionable, can showcase statements about their personality, and of course, it is usually trendy. However, if you are a man who is newer to the world of dressing yourself up with necklaces and bracelets, or even cufflinks, then you may be a bit unsure where to start.

It can be daunting to go onto websites and browse through the men’s jewellery section, only to be overwhelmed with the different styles and wonder which one will suit you. However, do not worry. Here are some beginner’s tips on how to accessories with jewellery in 2022.


Look at the piece of jewellery you want to get. Does it match the colour of the outfit(s) that you want to wear it with? In most cases, men’s jewellery has less colour than women’s, as stones are rarely used, such as sapphires or rubies. However, it is still worth considering if that tribal leather bracelet is going to be a good match for the outfit you want to wear it with.

If you are unsure about the colour scheme of jewellery and clothes, head over to and browse the bracelets and necklaces to get some ideas.


Next comes the style of the jewellery you want to wear. While men’s necklaces or bracelets do tend to be less ornamental than women’s, this does not mean that they are boring. Block necklaces like a large Figaro chain will usually not go well with a suit, simply because they are chunky and look out of place. However, if you want to have a statement necklace, make sure to minimise rings, bracelets, or earrings that you may be wearing to the same meeting or party.


Here is where it goes from being a simple case of what necklace goes with each top, to which necklace goes with each style of top. As a rule, you will want to have a necklace that is above the neckline of your top. Think of a V-neck top and then picture a necklace; with such a deep plunge, the necklace is always going to look best placed a few inches above. Of course, if you are wearing a high-necked top, then you can get away with a longer chain.


Yes, you can layer jewellery, especially necklaces, but be careful. If you overdo this, you can make the look you are wearing look tacky. Ideally, you would choose 3 necklaces that are slightly different lengths, to layer them on the front of your t-shirt. If you want to layer your bracelets, aim to put the chunkiest one at the back, so the intricate details on the smaller ones are not lost or overshadowed.


What material is your new jewellery made from? Is it a leather bracelet? Or is it a 9-carat gold necklace? Either way, think about the material of the jewellery and what outfit it matches. A surfer-style leather bracelet would be great to wear to a beach party, or a night on the town, but probably won’t look so good when worn with a suit.

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