How To Accessorise with Jewellery


Accessorising with jewellery is the perfect way to complete any outfit, but it’s not always a case of just throwing on the first necklace you come to and hoping it’s a great match!

Creating a look where the pieces you choose complement the colours and shapes of your outfit is the right way to accessorise, and this guide will show you how to do this correctly!

Why Accessorise?

Adding the right accessories can not only complement an outfit but can completely transform it. If your outfit is a little plain, adding some bling or a chunky necklace will bring it to life.

In addition to this, accessories can actually accentuate certain features of an outfit or even body parts like your cleavage, so it’s a really useful tool to have in your pocket.

The great thing is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get really nice-looking jewellery. Whilst it’s lovely to own real diamonds, if you don’t have the budget, cubic zirconia is a pocket-friendly alternative that looks very similar aside from being totally clear, which natural diamonds are not (but nobody is going to be getting that close to your ears right?!)

How to Accessorise


Starting with colours is a great way to get the perfect pairing between an outfit and jewellery. You have the option of either choosing a piece the same colour as your outfit, for example, a black dress with a black stoned necklace, or you can choose a colour that compliments your outfit.

If you’re unsure what colours complement each other, use a colour wheel, or go for a clear ‘diamond’ look, which will complement almost any outfit.


Try to not overdo it, if you opt for a chunky necklace as a statement piece, then try to keep other accessories to a minimum.

Size also corresponds to the outfit, if you’re wearing a very delicate dress, then choosing small, elegant pieces is going to complement the outfit much better than large chunky jewellery.

Large statement jewellery will go great with plain blouses and dresses to draw the eye.


As a general rule, your necklace should be a couple of inches above your neckline. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, if you have a high-necked top, then wearing a longline necklace can add something extra to the ensemble.


You have probably heard of layering clothing, but layering necklaces or rings is the new trend. Choosing 2-3 necklaces of similar lengths is a great way to get to wear more of your favourite pieces in one go!

Look for a jeweller in Hertford that offers bespoke pieces if you have a special event coming up and you want your outfit to have the wow factor. If you are unsure about how to accessorise your outfit, then getting a bespoke piece is a wonderful way to ensure a perfect fit!


Choosing the right jewellery can complement your outfit perfectly and give that polished look you have been trying to achieve.

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