How to choose the right work shoes


Whether you work all night in hospitality, or all day in retail, finding a good, comfortable pair of shoes can be tough. If you’re up on your feet for the majority of your working day, you’ll need something that fits properly, offers support and is long lasting.

Wearing the wrong shoes isn’t just uncomfortable either; it can actually lead to a number of health issues such as shin splints, hip and knee pain or plantar fasciitis, none of which will make your working day – or downtime – particularly easy.

That’s why we’re sharing this guide for how to find a comfortable pair of work shoes.

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Finding the right fit

Finding a shoe that properly fits is the obvious first step to comfort. Wearing shoes or boots that are too big can quickly lead to blisters, while shoes that are too small mean your feet will be squished and tight.

So, what is the right fit? A good way to find the right fit is to slot your index finger between your heel and the back of the shoe. When the laces or zips are tied, the shoe should be kept firmly in place but with a little give. That way, there’s a little room for thicker socks or if your feet swell during the day.

Another way to make sure you’re wearing the right shoe is to point your toes to see where the shoe flexes. Those that flex at the ball of the foot are a good fit; those that flex in the arch, won’t provide you proper support.

Support the arch

Supporting your arches can make a huge difference in terms of comfort and pain. A lot of us overlook how much support we should be using for our feet, and opt for a simple, cheap ballet pump. However, proper arch support will help to prevent or alleviate issues like tendinitis.

It also relieves the pressure on the foot’s ligaments, and helps to evenly distribute your weight while you walk.

Finding a shoe with the right arch support, or adding an additional insole into your shoes for support, will really help with making your working day that little bit easier.

Foot protection

Those working in construction, the police force or other roles that expose you to potential dangers should always find shoes that have an extra level of protection. The US Department of Labor actually make it compulsory for your employer to make sure your feet are protected in your shoes or boots.

Steel-toe boots, are an example of protective footwear that can be a life saver around falling debris. Traditional steel toe boots are clunky and heavy, though, making walking around more difficult. Now though, many boot manufacturers offer composite toe boots that are much lighter but just as effective.

So, depending on the type of job you do, you’ll need to put comfort and support above style and price. As you’ll be wearing your work gear for a huge part of your week, it’s better to be comfortable and avoiding joint pain than be stylish and in pain!

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