How To Keep Your Children Cool This Summer


Summer is a time for family fun. That means picnics, trips to the beach and long walks in the countryside with your children.

However, summers are getting hotter, and more people are being hospitalized for illnesses associated with warmer weather, such as heat stroke and extreme sunburn. This is nothing short of worrying when you have children, as you want to ensure that they have fun in the sun without becoming overheated or very ill.

But don’t worry, help is at hand, and in this short guide, you will be given tips on how to keep your children cool on those hot summer days at the beach.


Of course, you have to start with what they are wearing.

It can be tempting to allow them to show as much skin as possible to stay cool, but unless you get every part of their skin covered with sunscreen, this can be a recipe for sunburn. Instead, aim to dress them in loose, cotton clothing that covers most of their body, for instance these girls’ liberty print summer dresses. This will help with sweat evaporation and will also help to keep them cool and sunburn free.


Next, come the sunhats. These will provide moveable shade, which will keep them cooler and will also reduce the chances of them developing sunburn on their shoulders.

As before, if you are buying a fabric sunhat, make sure it is made of a breathable material, such as cotton, hemp, or even bamboo. This will allow sweat to evaporate and will prevent rashes from forming.


A key part of staying cool, irrespective of age, is to drink plenty of water and fluids that are not too high in sugars. But why not mix it up a bit, and eat more salads, frozen fruits, frozen lollies, and other healthy cool snacks? Watermelon is a great way to boost both sugar levels and hydration without the need for frozen popsicles! Smoothies are also a great way to boost vitamin C and allow you to add ice cubes into the drink itself, while also being delicious.

Get Wet

OK, so kids love swimming on hot days and, if you have a backyard, summer is the best time to invest in a pool. It doesn’t have to be built into your yard or be Olympic-size to do the job! Even a small paddling pool can be beneficial on hot days, just make sure it is located in a shaded part of the yard.

If you don’t have room for a pool, sprinkler systems can be helpful as can water pistols. This adds a bit more fun to stay cool, just make sure your kids don’t become overheated by chasing each other around too much!

Avoid Peak Times

Many people assume that warm days reach their peak at midday but, depending on where you are in the US, it can actually hit peak heat between midday and 4 pm. So, while your kids may want to run around the yard during these hours, aim to keep them inside to keep them safe from the heat and the UV peaks of the sun.

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