How to Make Your Beauty Salon Look More Professional


To attract the greatest number of customers – including those that are willing to pay top dollar for your services, you are going to have to create a feeling of professionalism from the moment they walk in the door (or at least look you up online). First impressions do count, but you will have to keep that up throughout their entire visit. This might seem like a tough ask, but by getting some key things right, you can go a long way to creating the right feel.

Ensure you Have a Reception Area

Even if you do not happen to have a receptionist, you should have a reception desk and a comfortable area for your clients while they are waiting to be seen. This is an important first step when trying to inject a professional atmosphere into your salon. Your reception area should also have literature for your client’s entertainment and be set up so that you can offer them beverages or snacks while they wait.

Keep to Neutral Colors for the Décor

As you might be aware from your home decorating, neutral décor is inoffensive and relaxing to all. Keeping your decorating palette neutral can also mean that you can add little splashes of color here and there to add glamor without overdoing the look completely. Neutral color schemes also look cleaner, more modern, and more professional than bright, bold colors or patterns that can date easily and quickly.

Invest in Specialist Equipment

You are going to require specialist equipment, and by purchasing industry-recognized items you are likely going to be investing in quality for your beauty salon. Beauty couches are very much standard within a beauty salon – as are hydraulic chairs and beauty stations. However, you may also require medical curtains within your treatment rooms to provide your clients with additional privacy while they are getting ready for their procedures.

Professional Attire

Of course, you should always look the part. Tidy, clean hair, washed hands, clean short nails without chipped nail varnish, and neutral natural make-up to enhance your looks. Added to this you should also focus on your attire including footwear.

Getting this right means you will be comfortable the whole day long, regardless of whether you are on your feet all day or sitting down. To protect your clothes, you might choose to wear tabards, or for a more professional look – a tunic with dark trousers.

Showcase Your Credentials

As always, you should showcase your credentials around the walls – and those of your staff members too, if you have them. This will inspire confidence in your clients as they will know that they have highly qualified people carrying out the treatments on them.

If your salon specializes in certain products, you should have a selection of these on display in your reception area. These should be accompanied by any literature or accreditation, for instance, a member of your staff may have in being trained by that particular manufacturer.

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