It is hard not to be a fan of gel nail polish. It looks so elegant and beautiful and makes you want to keep looking at your hands constantly. Not just that, its life of about two to three weeks also makes it a popular option. If you are due to head to Nails A more to get your gel nail paint refreshed, you might be riddled with the thought as to how you can make your gel polish last longer than it usually does. You don’t want to get the same color done again, but you also want to make it last just a little bit longer till that one party so you can change it before the next one. Here are some tips to make your gel nail polish last longer. 

Why should you opt for gel nail polish?

Suppose you are still not convinced about getting gel nail polish. Well, we have you covered here. We always need a good pampering session and a break from this hectic life. Getting a gel nail polish manicure is a well-deserved break. The nails would be pretty, beautiful, shiny, and even lasting. They always make you feel great and even confident. The gel nail polish dries faster and protects your nails, and makes them stronger. It also helps to hide your nails’ imperfections like discoloration, damage, disease, or even trauma to the nail plate. If you have short nail beds, then gel nail polish will give the illusion of longer-looking nails. You could even get gel nail polish on your toes which matches your fingernails. There are hundreds of colors that you could choose from. You could even get a French gel. 

How to make the gel nail polish last longer?

Now that you have gotten gel nail polish done, you would want them to last a while. To ensure that, avoid putting your hands in hot water as the heat can seep into your nails and cause the gel nail polish to lift. Make an effort to moisturize your hands and apply cuticle oil daily. Keeping your nails and hands hydrated will always make them look fresh and healthy. Whenever you are carrying out any washing or anything which involves cleaning products, make it a point to wear gloves and do it. If you have the habit of tearing open parcels with your nails, then it is time to stop. Your nails can no longer be treated as tools but as your jewels. Don’t pick, pull or chew on your nails. Always stay hydrated. 

Are gel nail polish manicures safe?

Yes, they are safe. They won’t damage your nails unless you start picking or pulling them off. When you pick or pull them off, you end up taking off your natural nail layers along with the gel polish. The nails then end up looking terrible and weak. Removing gel nail polish incorrectly can make your nails weak. Otherwise, they don’t.

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