Ideas to stay- Forever Young


Do you aspire to stay young forever? Though mortal beings are not blessed with that amazing thing, but being a smart human being you can retain your youth by following a good lifestyle, with regular fitness exercises, by following a good diet plan, and by taking proper care of yourself.

Stick to organic products

As you are aging, try to avoid rough cosmetics that are mainly created with different chemicals and harsh ingredients that your skin may not be able to contend with aging. Therefore, even when you are selecting from the best anti aging creams, make sure that you are adding a cream that is created with 100% natural ingredients such as glycerin, propylparaben- extracted from chamomile, isopropyl palmitate, vegetable oil extracts, wheat germ oil, minerals, Vitamin E, spring water etc.

Make sure that the cosmetics that you are buying such as – eye shadows, blush-on, lip balm, lip colors, translucent powder, face packs, masques, toners, moisturizers etc are also made of the natural ingredients. You must know that most of the ingredients are taken from the plant extracts which is why least chances of allergy and skin irritation remain.

Take good care of your nails

With aging, your nails also start eroding. You need to take good care of the cuticles by cleaning them up one in a week. Opt for organic manicure or pedicure to keep away from any sort of disorders caused from the nails. You can file for nails by using the crystal or e-file drilling machines which are quite in these days. By visiting a salon, you can also avail the services of manicure, pedicure along with the cutting and shaping of the nails. It is strictly advised to opt for the natural and organic products for the manicure or pedicure. Nowadays, there are many nail colors available in the markets that are manufactured without using any harmful chemicals.

Eat Organic-

Consume lots of fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables instead of the friend beacon, and red meats. Add fish and eggs to your diet. The omega 3s helps a lot in developing the lean muscles and you can also balance the weight. Stop the excess intake of coffee and tea. Rather try to replace it with herbal tea such as green or jasmine tea without any sugar.

Regular jog and cardio training-

With aging, you also need to work out but in a balanced way. Better you jog, walk, or swim rather spending more time with the machines.

These are some effective ways of retaining your good health and youthfulness.


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