If You Still Don’t Find Reasons To Prefer An Eyebrow Tint, Here You Will Find Them.


Eyebrows are much more than the complement of a look and deserve care just like the rest of the body. Not only do they have the function of framing the eyes, but they also enhance our beauty and enhance our look. Thin, thick, long, short, rounded, or broken, they can change the expression. The most important thing is that they are in harmony with the features of the face without having to follow the fashion of the time radically.

Before even thinking about plucking the eyebrow or making any modification to it, it is essential to design it first. With any of the many techniques you use, you should always consider the format: broken, thin, long, etc., according to the type of face and personality. For that, you must consider three points: beginning, height, and end.

The design can be done freehand or with a stencil. The latter provides more security since you can previously see how they will be before starting the hair removal. It also includes precision, definition, symmetry, and minimizes errors.

Eyebrows are not only related to the face, but they are also the frame of the eyes, so accentuating the color too much can make your features too hard and too light; they can look inexpressive. Shaping them in the wrong way can make them look more droopy or sad. Too straight are unfavorable. Too rounded makes for a surprising look. When shaping the eyebrows, we must take into account the following points:

If you have wide-spaced eyes, outlining the brows slightly closer together than usual can create the illusion of bringing the eyes closer together.

  • If your eyes are close together, lining your eyebrows slightly farther apart than usual can create the illusion of the eyes being separated from each other.
  • If you have droopy eyes, lining the brows at a slight angle at the outer corner can create the illusion of lifting the eyes.
  • If you have an elongated face shape, lining the brows with a curved shape, without as much of an angle, can soften the features and create the illusion of a more rounded face, in addition to the corrections that can be made to cheekbones, chin, jaw, forehead, etc.
  • If you have a round face shape, outlining the eyebrows with a more angular shape can balance the features and create the illusion of a less rounded face and the corrections that can be made on cheekbones, jaw, temples, etc.

Once designed correctly, you can work with them, pluck the excess, and ensure that your eyebrows always remain beautiful. You can take different paths, from applying an eyebrow tint to avoid the hassle of having to make them up every morning before going out, tattooing them, or microblading.

However, the main disadvantage of tattooing eyebrows, we could say, is its cost since it is an expensive treatment that not every pocket can afford. Besides, you won’t know how they look until you get it done. And if something looks wrong or you don’t like them, there’s no going back. The fact that it is forever can also be a disadvantage; you must be very sure that you want them because you would spend a lot of money to remove them with laser in the future.

On the other hand, microblading is not recommended in pregnancy, allergy to pigments, history of keloids -an overgrowth of scar tissue-, if you suffer from diabetes, hemophilia, or hepatitis, or if you are taking anticoagulant medications. In addition, it is recommended to consult your doctor before getting this semi-permanent tattoo technique.

So, if you do not want to risk an imperfect result that besides being expensive is irreversible or at least leave you with a strange appearance for a while, not to mention the fact that trends in eyebrow design change constantly, it is best to use an eyebrow tint, you can find them made of organic materials that besides avoiding the task of making them up every day -as they usually last up to 28 days- so without any problem you can modify them whenever you want.

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