Living With Chronic Pain


Experiencing chronic pain can be a major knockback in life, which is often caused by illness, injury, or joint problems. It is termed ‘chronic’ after experiencing the pain for six months or longer. It can be different for everyone – some have constant pain, while for others, it can be more sporadic.

If you have been used to an active lifestyle and enjoying a vast array of activities, you may find it difficult to accept that life may have to change. What you may once have done may no longer be an option for you, but now is the time to adapt to a new way of life that is better suited to your situation.

The good news is that there are various ways you can come to live with chronic pain and manage the effects. Here are some top tips to keep in mind:

Pay attention to your diet

Interestingly, what you eat can affect the pain you experience. A well-balanced diet can, in fact, improve your symptoms. Certain foods have a direct link to pain management and have been shown to reduce the effects. According to research, chilies are a natural painkiller, due to the ingredient capsaicin. When you eat a chili, it sends indicators to the brain that your tongue has a tingling sensation, which has the knock-on effect of releasing stress hormones and later endorphins – which are shown to reduce pain. You can browse wholesale chilli suppliers to stock up and integrate chilies into your daily diet.


Many of those who suffer from chronic pain rarely wish to move from the couch; however, researchers have discovered that staying active can work wonders for pain management, providing you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Walking, water aerobics, and yoga can improve flexibility and strength and even take your mind off the intense pain. It would always be advisable to speak with your doctor to get some advice on the type of activities that would be best for you.

Maintain a positive attitude

While it can be easier said than done, maintaining a positive attitude can drastically help you cope with your condition. It’s easy to allow your mind to focus on the body, which can not only make you feel worse physically but mentally. Find ways to distract you from the pain – even if just for an hour or two. This could be meeting up with friends or undertaking a hobby that you’re still able to manage. If you’re desperately struggling with a negative mindset, it may even be worth speaking with a counselor to help you change your thought process.

Pace yourself

Living with chronic pain typically equals a change of lifestyle, and learning to deal with your new circumstances isn’t easy but may be necessary to help you live easily and comfortably. With that said, be sure to take the time to plan your schedule for the coming weeks to ensure you don’t overdo it and risk making your symptoms worse.

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