Massage Aftercare: How To Keep That Relaxed Feeling


If you’re already a fan of massage, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like that post-massage feeling. And because it’s such a great period of relaxation and brain clarity, you want it to last for as long as possible.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to keep that feel-good factor around. Here are six massage aftercare tips you’re bound to feel the benefits of.

Keep up your fluids

Post massage, water is your best friend.

Part of the purpose of a massage in Cuffley is to release the toxins that are built up around the body. Although the massage can dislodge these toxins, it’s up to you to expel them. This can be done by flushing them out with plenty of water.

Water will also help that residual soreness in your muscles.

You may find that after a massage you feel a little dehydrated anyway. So, it’s a good idea to take a bottle of water with you for after the session ends, or make sure to top your fluids up when you get home.

Stay relaxed

Although it might feel time-efficient to fit in a massage during your lunch break before another stint at work, the best thing you can do after a relaxing massage is to continue to relax. Really capitalize on the post-massage feeling by taking your time to enjoy the moment. Stumble home onto the sofa or hit the hay for a delightful snooze.

As massage is for both the body and the mind, it’s important to keep your mind relaxed too. Read a book or put on some calming music to really relish the feeling of clarity and calmness. If you find yourself slipping back into making mental to-do lists, try to practice deep breathing to recenter.

Avoid alcohol or caffeine

Both alcohol and caffeine can seriously dehydrate you. So, there’s no point in drinking more water if you’re just going to reverse all the work with your favorite coffee!

It’s recommended that you keep your fluids up and avoid alcohol or caffeine for around 12 hours after your treatment.

Permission to skip the gym

Okay, so this is your voucher for one gym pass! After a massage, you should take it easy – especially if you went to alleviate aches and pains in your muscles.

All strenuous activity should be avoided for the rest of the day after your massage so that you can recover from any residual soreness and enjoy the relaxed feeling in your muscles.

But keep moving

Although heading to the gym isn’t recommended, neither is staying completely still…

If you do end up heading back to work or leaning over your laptop at home, make sure to keep getting up for regular walkarounds. Take a gentle walk or do a few stretches if your massage was to relieve pain.

Correct your posture

Massage works to relax and loosen the muscles, meaning post-massage is the perfect time to correct your posture for good. If you’ve been for a massage to reduce aches and pains, you don’t want to immediately reverse all the work by going straight back into your old bad posture habits. Otherwise, you’ll find you need to book in for another massage pretty quickly.

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