Most Expensive Wedding Rings in History


Wedding rings have always been an important part of the ceremony, with flashy engagement rings showing off status and power as well as love and commitment. Below are some of the most expensive wedding rings throughout history.

  • Grace Kelly

Given to her in 1956 by Prince Rainier III, her wedding ring was a platinum Cartier ring with a 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond flanked by two baguette diamonds that cost an incredible $4 million. Along with that, on her wedding day, Grace also adorned a 58-carat diamond necklace and a Cartier platinum tiara. The ring was so impressive it made its own Hollywood debut in Kelly’s last movie, High Society.

  • Marilyn Monroe

Presented to Marilyn by Joe DiMaggio in 1954, this ring was an eternity band featuring 35 baguette-cut diamonds. The ring was sold at an auction in New York in 1999, and even though one of the 35 diamonds was missing, the ring still sold for $772,500- an incredible figure considering the absence of one of the stones.

  • Beyoncé

Married in 2008, Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) gave Beyoncé a ring with a solitaire setting and a platinum split-shank setting. The centre stone is a stylish emerald cut 18-carat diamond and completely flawless, making it incredibly rare and of course incredibly expensive, with a $5 million value.

  • Mia Farrow

When Frank Sinatra married Mia in 1966, he presented her a 9-carat pear-shaped diamond ring. At the time it was worth $85,000- in today’s currency, approximately $1,880,000. Their marriage only lasted about two years, but this wedding ring remains one of the most iconic rings in history.

  • Cardi B

Cardi (Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) married Offset (Kieri Cephus) in secret in 2017 with only one witness in their home. Although the wedding was quiet, in 2018 Offset gave Cardi a wedding ring with a blinding double halo setting and an 80-carat pear cut diamond. The ring also has two 1-carat pear cut side stones, and 2-carats of pink and white diamond melee stones, costing $500,000.

  • Kate Middleton

The stunning 12-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded with fourteen solitaire diamonds originally belonged to Prince William’s mother, Diana, when she married Charles in 1981. The ring cost around $60000 at the time, and in 2011 when William and Kate married it was valued at approximately $500,000.

  • Katy Perry

Revealed in 2019, Orlando Bloom presented Katy with a purple-red oval cut ruby surrounded by eight white diamonds in a yellow gold halo, resembling a flower. The ruby is estimated to be 4-carats, and the diamonds around it together are also 2-2.5-carats. This ring has been estimated to have cost almost $5 million; however, it’s not been confirmed.

These are some of the flashiest, most famous and most expensive rings in history, but not all rings need to be as hugely priced as these are. You can find rings just as beautiful as these rings for a much lower price. Not everyone has the sort of money to be able to spend millions on a ring, after all. For stunning wedding rings, visit

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