The Biggest and the Slandering Achievements of Abiola Oke 


A man is a true leader when he can be the best man to be addressed within the company. If you are not popular with your employees, there will be least people interested in you. Abiola is known for contributing to the toxic work culture at OkayMedia. If you look at his life and career with interest, you can wonder how he behaves and gains a negative reputation at the workplace. He began things on a serious note in his career, and going ahead; he earned fame as a reputed owner and CEO with the best of implications now and ahead.

Describing the Life of Oke

The man Abiola Oke was born in the year 1979. He has been an American entrepreneur straight from the United States of America. He was assigned the position of CEO in the year 2017. He played the role of the former chief executive officer or CEO of OkayPlayer. In the year, Oke was accused of sexual harassment assertion by the women working in his company. He had to face the serious allegation of contributing to toxic ambiance as part of the company. There have been women trying to write an open letter against the man in question.

Appointing the Investigator

The company authorities did appoint an external investigator to look into the case and judge the authenticity of Abiola as the capable CEO. Abiola was made to step down from the position. He is known for publishing several tweets from his official account. In the meantime, the investigation continues, and more evidence and public opinions are being sought to reach a real conclusion in time. Abiola has always occupied a prestigious position in the year of October 2014. He is known for joining the Legal Benefits Corporation, and he was playing the role of political analyst.

Various Roles of Abiola

From 2005 to 2007, Oke worked at Morgan Stanley, and he played the role of the Data and Compensation Analyst. He assumed the role of compensation analyst at the company in New York. He worked as the compensation consultant at the company of TD Ameritrade. In November 2009, he got the position of the Associate Vice President of the Personal Wealth Management Department as part of the Citigroup enterprise. He was responsible for the implementation of the business optimizing initiatives. He is also known for forecasting and planning the new and innovative business policies for Citigroup Enterprise.

The victim and the Analyst 

Abiola Oke took the managing control of the proper offshore team in specific. At the right time, Oke became a part of the Barclays Wealth and Investment Management Company and played the role of the Vice President for seven complete months. He has been planning for the business-oriented analysis and the rest like communications and took over project management the right way. He was able to prepare the business records and reports with the right accuracy. Still, he is in question these days, and he is now the humanitarian culprit accused of being unjust towards female employees.

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