The Evolution of How to Wear a Scarf


The history of scarves is one of the older fashion choices starting in the third-century B.C.E in china. The diversity of placement and textile has changed consistently since that time but stayed in the male gender for thousands of years. Now when we look at scarves in the modern era, we think more of the female who wears the accessory. We might have an idea that wearing a scarf is old fashion, when in fact its use and style infects every season of every year. The usefulness mixed with style innovation keeps this accessory constantly in fashion. What most influences how scarves are used today are their chosen textile and weave. It has become more for the scarf to portray the refined look for both men and women and more of a casual and functional piece of streetwear.

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves have been worn in men jacket pockets, around women and men’s necks and even more popular around men and women’s heads. The diversity of how we design and style these scarves are still evolving and heading into future fashion. The availability of vintage silk scarves is a popular way to collect styles. Now with the availability of a silk scarve online, there are infinite ways to shop for new designs and styles. The more popular shapes for silk scarfs come in small and larger squares or longer rectangles. These different shapes are used in different folding patterns to create alternate looks. In the most recent year’s fashion, silk scarves have come back twisting and folding into intricate head turbans and headwear. Not only have they continually made a comeback in fashion, but they are used functionally keeping hairstyles protected through environmental conditions and sleeping. In many cultures covering the head for both men and women are a traditional behavior. Certain layers of these head covering will be silky to protect the hair.

Accessorizing with Scarves

Scarves have long been a part of uniforms, ceremonial wear, military regalia. Slowly scarves made it into everyday fashion to elevate an outfit. Small silk scarves are worn in men’s suit pockets, and sometimes worn long around the neck for a dignified look. Scarfs have a long history of being worn to add dignity and sophistication to a look. Many pilots used them in the early days of flying and the tradition carries on with many steward uniforms.

Silk scarves are used to accessorize more modest suits and add uniqueness or flares. They are also used to accessorize outerwear that often read more functional than stylish. One of the main jobs of scarves is to add a splash of color, decadence, and uniqueness to more modest clothing.

Scarves are often passed down because they often stay in great condition and preserve well. They continue to reign in modern fashion as creativity on how to wear them continues to evolve. Certain cultures continue to influence high fashion as does streetwear, and these combined keep the scarf an important part of each upcoming season.

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