Throwing a Fabulous Christmas Party


Christmas is the perfect time to have a fantastic get together with family and friends. The end of the year is when people think about what makes them happy. A good party, with lots of things to eat and drink in a warm setting is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. When planning a holiday party, you want to create a setting that is cozy and festive. You also want to serve delicious foods and drinks that make people feel warm inside. When planning a party, think about what makes you personally have a good time and you’ll be on target to help your guests do the same.

Food and Drink

Start with the right food and drink and you are halfway there. Christmas is the time to turn to familiar favorites that everyone loves. Your meal should reflect what people like to eat. For example, bring out appetizers that call to mind the season with colors like green and red are ideal. Bring out flat breads and crackers that people can use to dip as desired. A bright red pepper dip is appealing on the eyes and the plate. Add in some pesto in green and a classic onion dip and mayonnaise dip to help capture the mood. For main courses, many people stick to wonderful tastes like turkey and stuffing. Add in sides like steamed broccoli and some cranberry sauce and you’re there with a fabulous meal. Make everyone happy with a drinks decorated with bright peppermint candies and topped served with chocolate shaped mistletoe.

Gag Gifts

One way to add even more spark to your party is with gag gifts. If you know your guests, this is the time to make them laugh. Think about what makes them giggle and then build on it. For example, if your cousin Sarah has lots of fashionable taste and a huge wardrobe, give her an ugly sweater for Christmas. Make your brother smile with a sweater in an outrageously silly pattern that he can wear on casual day at work. You want a gift that is both funny and demonstrates to others that you know them well and understand their personalities.

Making Everyone Feel at Home

Your goal, should be about making your guests feel at home. Christmas is about home and family. Set up the fireplace. Decorate with tinsel. Bring in greenery like bright red flowers and small pine trees. Showcase your decorating skills by making the setting come to life with vivid colors. Your tree should be up before you invite people to your home. Or, think about having a party centered around decorating the tree. Hand people popcorn so they can wrap it around the tree. Bring out your favorite ornaments. Invite people to bring ornaments from their home to add an even personal touch to your Christmas tree. Turn this wonderful time of year to a time to have fun and invite friends and family to do the same.


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