Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Chain To Adorn Your Neck.


Choosing the proper chain or necklace is not that simple. Not only do you have to look at what you like the most, but also how it suits you best and in what situation you are going to wear the chosen piece.

Some people have strong preferences about the type of metal they like to wear: yellow or white gold, silver, platinum, etc. If you don’t have a particular choice, keep in mind it all has to do with the skin tone and undertone you have, which will make some shades suit you better than others. It’s an almost unnoticeable factor to the naked eye, but next to specific colors, it makes something look weird, or people unconsciously know something is wrong.

One of the easier ways to tell what type of skin you have is by looking at the color of the veins on your forearm – one of the parts of the body where they are most easily found.

  • If the veins have a green hue, then your skin tone is warm;
  • if the veins appear bluer, your skin tone is calm.

If you have any doubts at first glance, you can make a mark with a green and a blue pen next to one of your veins to check which one is more similar.

Once you have identified your skin tone, it is time to determine which jewelry suits you best. If you have a calm skin tone, then the jewelry that will suit you best is silver, as its colors tend more towards gray or whitish. If you have a warm skin tone, the jewelry that will suit you best is gold, as it tends towards golden or yellow colors, and silver more towards grays or whitish.

Once this is done, consider that, as you can see at Lucia jewelry collection, there are several standard sizes of chains, and depending on their length, they are placed in one place or another of the neck and neckline. So they will be a little longer for thinner women and thicker women, a little shorter.



Ideal for a girl’s pendant. An adult woman with a slender build fit at the base of the neck, and for stout women, it is not recommended as it will be uncomfortable.


This is one of the most common options, fitting at or slightly below the collarbone. It fits most women well. lucia jewelry collection has some of the most beautiful chains you will ever see.


This will fall a few inches below the collarbones. Perfect to wear with wide necklines or pair with a turtleneck sweater.


Will surpass any neckline, falling over the chest or below the chest. Perfect for large pendants and pearl necklaces.

Any size can fit you if you are tall, although I recommend not using the shorter ones. They might look too tight on your body. On the other hand, you are lucky if you are a medium size because all of them can fit you well. And if you are relatively short, you will favor those located at the collarbone or just below.

Also, don’t forget that chokers soften and visually shorten long and thin necks, which can be flattering if your neck type. However, if you have a wide or short neck, you should use larger sizes (50 cm, for example) to lengthen and stylize it.

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