Top Tips for a Dreamy Backyard Wedding


There are lots of reasons why you might opt for a backyard wedding. Some people do it because their home has a lot of sentimental value, and they want to create new memories there. Some may want a relaxed atmosphere that feels intimate for their closest friends and family. Some may do it because it saves them a lot of money on locations and decor. Whatever the case may be, it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams in your backyard. Here are some tips to make it as dreamy as possible.

Choose the Time of Year Carefully

The time of year you choose to have the wedding will affect a lot of things. For example, it is more challenging for people to travel during certain months that have holidays because it is more expensive. The time of year will also bring up considerations such as whether you will need heaters, umbrellas, candles or to finish the ceremony early because of mosquitos.

Most importantly, the time of year will determine the weather. You do not want an overcast sky or rain during your wedding. While there is little you can do to control the weather, you can at least plan around it.

Choose a Photo Focal Point

The background behind the focal point will appear in most of your photos so you need to ensure that it is gorgeous. Good options include a tree, garden or wall of flowers behind the bride and groom. Once you have the focal point, you can decorate it with anything from DIY installations to flowers. The types of decorations you use will depend on the theme you are going for. Although not the main focal point, you also need to consider where you will have the dance floor. You want it centrally located, easy to reach and somewhere with favourable terrain.

Prepare for the Evening

Most backyard weddings continue well into the evening. You want your guests to keep having a great time even when the sun sets, and this is why it is so important to prepare for the evening. Start by setting up some seats and tables for your guests to rest and eat, both of which will be crucial after a few hours of dancing and walking around.

Second, ensure the backyard is well lit. You do not want your guests stumbling in your backyard because they cannot see where they are stepping. You can source some garden lights from which have numerous indoor and outdoor lighting products.

Lastly, have a source of warmth. Depending on the time of year, the temperature might fall quickly when the night falls. Fire pits are a great source of warmth, aesthetically pleasing and can be the focal point of your sitting arrangement.

Have Backup Power

Having a wedding in the dark is never a good thing unless you are going for a candlelit theme. Ensure you have backup power for all lighting and sound systems that can last longer than the wedding.

Having a backyard wedding is different for most people but doing so can provide an intimate setting that makes the wedding more special and memorable. Planning for all possible eventualities while also ensuring a gorgeous space will help make things even more special.

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