Top Tips for a Family-Friendly Living Room


For many people, having a family is one of life’s richest pleasures. Watching your children take their first steps, and hearing them speak their first words, is a really special time. As your children grow, it’s likely that you’ll need to upgrade rooms in your house to better suit the needs of busy family life. The living room is a key space for any growing family; pre-school children can play with their toys and games, pets can relax, and this room is a place where the whole family can sit down and enjoy TV together, or just unwind after a hectic day.

This article will explain a few key ways in which you can make the most of your living room -to cater for the multiple needs of your family throughout the day.

Choose high quality seating

As any parent will tell you, kids love to run around and seem to have almost boundless levels of energy! Toys and games can often take centre stage in a family living room, and the occasional knock or bump against furniture, is an inevitable part of family life. In your living room, the seating areas will take up a considerable amount of space and will form the focal point. Insist on high quality contemporary seating that is built to stand the test of time, such as the range offered by Ligne Roset Hampstead.

It really is a false economy to opt for budget furniture in this room, as it simply won’t last over the long term, or cope with the rigors of a busy family life. Additionally, it may be a wise choice to invest in high quality seating that doubles up as a pull-out bed. This sort of seating can be a great investment as your children get older and want some of their friends to stay overnight.

Create space for play

As previously mentioned, a family living room is likely to double up as a play area for children. It is therefore important that the room is designed with adequate space to accommodate playing, in comfort and safety. It makes sense to organize the living room, so that there’s a large, central area free of furniture, where children can sit down and play in with their favorite toys.

Another smart design idea, is to put a hardwearing but comfortable living room rug down in the middle of the room. This can help to draw your children to this area for play – and away from the other furniture! (If it’s a hardwood floor, be sure to attach rug-grippers underneath, to stop it sliding around). For more advice on play areas within your living room see here.

Intelligent storage space

With an extensive stockpile of toys and games in the living room, there is a distinct need to come up with clever innovative storage solutions for this space. While many toys can be stored in the children’s bedrooms, it can be impractical for them to keep going up and down the stairs in order to get their treasured possessions. Thankfully, there’s a range of modern storage solutions for family living rooms, that are both stylish and practical.  Click here for some creative ideas to make the most of your living room storage space.

Living rooms are where we spend most of time, living our lives! This was even more so, during the Covid 19 pandemic, with lockdowns and working from home. Our living rooms reflect who we are, in terms of style and comfort. Hopefully these tips will inspire you to make yours, a more family friendly affair.

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