Unusual Ways to Express Your Style


Everyone has a different sense of style. Even if you enjoy subscribing to a particular consistent look, such as grunge or model-off-duty, your own innate style will still shine through in the choices of the details in your outfits. Not only this but your style isn’t contained to just your clothes. A person’s style is an expression of their feelings, confidence, outlook, and influences. Here are some examples of ways your style can be expressed other than clothing.

Essential Accessories

Accessories tend to be thought of as the adornments included in an outfit to enhance it rather than something potentially necessary. However, plenty of people have accessories that they use on a regular basis, such as glasses, shades, walking sticks, bags, and many others. If you have an essential accessory, whether that’s a pair of glasses to help you see clearly or even something as large as a wheelchair, you can create a custom design to help your important belongings match your style and express your personality. There are specialist designers out there who transform their customers’ essential accessories into portable works of art.

Interior Design

How you choose to design your home is another fantastic way to express your style and personality. Since only people you invite into your home are able to see it, you can be as bold and as committed to your aesthetic vision as you want. Take inspiration from wherever you can and make up your own interior design rules as well as following or breaking the existing ones as you please. Even if you have mobility requirements, your home can still be beautifully designed and attractive. You can find disabled bathroom equipment that matches your taste preferences to combine practicality and style within your home. Keep an eye out for trends that you can borrow from but don’t feel obligated to stick to what the professional interior designers might say.


How you carry yourself as a person and how you choose to interact with others in the world around you is an often overlooked way of expressing your style. While it might not be as visible as your fashion sense or interior design taste, the way you speak, walk, behave and think all contribute to your outward personality and therefore your style. This isn’t to say that you should adopt a persona simply to match your clothing choices or how you think you should act based on your look, but be aware that these factors do contribute to your style. For example, you may dress very elegantly, but if you are unkind or clumsy, this might undermine the style you are going for.

There are more ways than just clothing that help to contribute to a person’s style. When you are making a statement with what you wear, remember that there are plenty of other ways that you can also express yourself and your style. Don’t rely only upon the clothes in your wardrobe to make your personality known. Use the other methods outlined in this article, too.

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