Wearing Streetwear Like an Adult


Streetwear is a complex and strange beast. On the other side, it is obnoxious, disposable, and usually unflattering. But Supreme – a skate brand that was launched in the 90s – is now a billion-dollar brand. It collaborates with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, and according to rumors, it even linked up with luxury watch brand Rolex.

It is not a fad either. Although streetwear was born 50 years ago from the surf culture of California, it did not truly blow up until the dawn of the noughties, the decade from 2000 to 2009, when the skate world experienced their first true boom (thanks to Tony Hawk), as well as the hip-hop industry’s dominance, turned the generation onto graphic t-shirts and baggy jeans.

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Today, the Noughties generation has hit proper adulthood. Although it might have a mortgage, people still feel more comfortable wearing hoodies and t-shirts compared to business attires. Most people think of this clothing as their go-to style because dress codes have become more relaxed in most businesses.

The number of consumers looking for tailoring businesses has decreased as more individuals are wearing jackets, statement shirts, and jeans to work. People who wore jeans before are now more inclined to buy tracksuits. The good news is, this fashion has also grown up as time pass by. So whether you are looking to adjust your style or refine your sweatshirt-hoodie-jeans wardrobe, here are some ways to do it without being a trying-hard fashion enthusiast.

Luxe up the fabric

Until recently, streetwear staples were things people could happily roll or fall off their skateboards or bikes while wearing. That is why most individuals were rendered in heavy cotton and jeans – a non-constrictive fit. But modern streetwear fashion has stepped out of skate parks, and a lot of designers have reworked their time-honored clothes – trainers, cargo pants, and hoodies – into garments people would not want to risk rolling on the concrete.

For daily wearers today, it means upgrading their utilitarian fabrics to more premium ones. An easy way to mix a subtle element of this kind of fashion is through high-quality and expensive sweatpants. Wearers can substitute their well-worn chinos with a more stylish cut from soft materials like jersey and cashmere. It is a move that a lot of fashion experts have endorsed.

Avoid being a Hypebeast

For the younger generation, the hype is everything. Getting recognized is the currency, so people need to buy brands that their friends know about, like Palace, Yeezy, Gosha, and Supreme. But fashion statement changes over time. There is no age cut-off when it comes to wearing streetwear.

But older individuals need to stick to what works for them, what makes them comfortable, and what they love. The best move older generations can do is to walk without attracting attention by visiting brands that are both unique and innovative but do not have teens queued up outside their shops.

Many brands are taking influence from previous fashion statements. In short, people need to aim to get the look they want without worrying about the logo or keep the brand logo of the tshirt hidden. Because adults know the best thing about finding the best clothes are not shouting where they find the clothes and how expensive it is but being asked about the clothes.

Start from the very bottom

“Started from the bottom, and we are here” is a phrase from famous rapper Drake. It seems pretty straightforward, but it means a lot. When it comes to this style, shoes make the wardrobe, and sneakers are the starting point of this. But it can be a complex and dangerous world to navigate.

The blood of Hypebeasts boils over every new drop of sneakers, and people can spend enormous amounts of money, time, and energy trying to keep up with the trend. Instead of paying a lot of money on resold Yeezys or the latest collaborations from sneaker brands and famous mumble rappers, check out trainers that will last for a long time.

Make sure to favor shoes with premium materials from known brands that offer quality and superior designs. The line between casual clothing and luxury mainstream fashion has blurred beyond recognition for many years. Despite the rise of ridiculously expensive but ugly sneakers and chunky shoes, it is wise to avoid odd shapes or adornments to guarantee that the box-fresh shoes you pick will look good with t-shirts and joggers.

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