What Exactly Are Stiletto Nails? Find Out Here!


Nail art is a new genre in itself. Even a decade back, it was hard to imagine that one could file and style nails in so many ways. So, what are stiletto nails? Just what you can probably guess from the name, stiletto nails are like stilettos – pointy, smooth, with a very thin point. There are a few range of styles in stiletto nails too, such as almond or oval. However, in more general, stiletto nails are pointy – very pointy to say the least.

Expectedly, you need to be very careful with your stiletto nails, or else, you can end up hurting yourself of those around you. To get an idea of the nail art options, check websites MsMee, where some amazing pictures have been posted by ladies who don’t mind to play around with their nails. With the right kind of nail art, those pointy nails can look even better!

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